Spring Ridge Plaza Phase I & II


Property Highlights


  • Well located property opposite new Hy-Vee in high income area of Omaha
  • Troubled property with high vacancy rate and many M-T-M and slow paying Tenants
  • Phase I – 35% occupied
  • Phase II – 100% occupied, but 63% of tenants significantly delinquent or planning to vacate
  • Phase I suffered from a dated appearance and deferred maintenance
  • Conduit loan with high prepayment penalty on Phase II
  • Loan balances at or above market value

Property Overview

Shopping Center

1103 S 180th St, Omaha, NE 68130

1997- 2007

464,422 SF

The End Result

Phase I - June 5, 2015 Phase II - October 13, 2015




  • Phase I purchased at auction; Phase II brought out of foreclosure by Buyers
  • Phase I renovated by Buyers
  • Off market property – both property and Buyer sourced by Investors Realty
  • Investors Realty leasing team increased occupancy by 31% in less than 12 months

Fort Plaza & Weber Place