Empire Spectrum

Industrial Flex Property: Omaha, NE

Property Highlights


  • Adverse market conditions and significant gap between Buyer and Seller pricing expectations
  • Buyer required six tenant renewals as a condition of the sale
  • Significant tenant decided to vacate property a few days prior to closing
  • Sale required assumption of two life company loans
  • One of the two loans had significant issues involving release of Seller from a personal guarantee and required side agreements and concessions from Buyer and Seller

Property Overview

Flex / Industrial

1105 Mockingbird Drive Omaha, NE

1988 - 1995

145,267 SF (3 Buildings)

The End Result

March 31, 2010




  • Sale involved two separate closings
  • Worked with Buyer and Seller to obtain acceptable lease renewals with all tenants
  • Worked through extensive due diligence process with Buyer
  • Worked through loan assumption process with Buyer, Seller, legal counsel and loan servicer
  • Met critical closing date for Buyer

Embassy Tower